Afterpay - Convenient Payment Option For Your Next Online Cake Order

Welcome to the digital world folks! Where you no longer need to wait for your internet to dial up and connect, you can control your air conditioning, washing machine and TV using your mobile phone whilst out and about, you can complete your entire weeks’ grocery shopping from the comfort of your lounge-room and...

… you can purchase goods without needing to spend a single cent up front! Yes, I am referring to the wonderful modern day payment option that is AFTERPAY! (What a time to be alive people, this one is certainly a game changer!)

Upon check out on our website, you can select either full payment up front using your credit card or Paypal to finalise your order.

Alternatively you can select the Afterpay method.

Afterpay is becoming increasingly popular for consumers in Australia, and at Cake in a Box we like to give you options to make life easier for you. We understand that keeping up with the times is important to you, and is therefore important to us. Using Afterpay is easy and convenient.


Budget Friendly:

With Afterpay, you can make equal fortnightly payments over 4 separate fortnights. This assists with family budgeting, so that your purchase of one of our incredibly beautiful and delicious birthday cakes or cupcakes does not have to be a financial burden, regardless of your financial situation. Upon ordering, you will not be required to pay a single cent. Some of our standard range of cakes can work out as little as $10.50 per payment when selecting Afterpay as your desired payment method, so making your loved one feel special and appreciated can be easy and very much affordable for anyone.


Discreet Ordering:

Are you ordering a birthday cake or special occasion cake for a loved one, and want to keep it a top secret? With Afterpay, spoiling that special someone does not mean you have to spoil the surprise. Transactions on your bank statement will read as ”AFTERPAY SYDNEY” rather than listing Cake in a Box’s vendor details, so when your recipient receives their beautifully presented cake, it will be the most amazing & unexpected surprise!


Reminder Service:

Whilst Afterpay does charge a fee for a missed instalment payment, the service is well equipped with ways to ensure you are well prepared for your upcoming payment. You will receive a reminder SMS and/or email a few days before your payment is due to be processed so that you do not forget to have sufficient funds ready for payment. Afterpay also works on a direct debit system, meaning a payment will be automatically debited for each instalment.

That being said, customers do also have the option to pay future payments before their due date should you wish to pay off your order sooner. If you meet all required repayments by their due date, there are no additional costs involved or interest charged.



  1. If you haven’t already done so, head to to register.
  2. Searching for birthday cake ideas or a cake for a special occasion cake? Simply add your desired size of cake along with any cake toppers or add ons and “add to cart”
  3. On our “Payment Info” page, select Afterpay
  4. You will be redirected to the Afterpay website to enter your details
  5. Once verified, you can confirm and finalise your order

Our cake decorating, gifting and delivery service based in Sydney is all about making life easier for you! This is why we have a 5:30pm cut off time for next day delivery (Monday to Saturday).

Head over to our online cake shop and check out our full range. If you’re looking for a Cake Delivery in Sydney, we have you covered!

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