Our Story

Having worked in the cakes, desserts and events Industry for several years, we would always have so many clients wanting a last-minute cake to purchase as a gift, or for their own party.

We love making people happy and seeing smiles on our clients faces; so not being able to cater for all our last-minute clients left us feeling deflated…

Not satisfied with turning customers away our motivation grew and after a few caffeine fuelled discussions – a lightbulb went off! 💡

The idea behind Cake In A Box™ was born!

Creating a super easy to use online platform where anyone in the world can order a cake, cupcakes or a giftbox  (and some funky add-ons if they so wished) and get it delivered to a location in Sydney, Australia, same day or, they could select a date in the future –  How convenient would that be!

So, we created an online shopping experience where you can select a themed cake, the serving size you require and then customize your order to make your purchase even more awesome for that special someone or even yourself.

We believe in doing something once and doing it right, so we have created a range of products featuring different designs and concepts for you, from basic to Luxe to suit any kind of budget.

We wanted to change the way people can order cakes (whether it be to gift to others, or simply be super well prepared for an event your attending yourself)

Whatever the occasion, Cake In A Box™ always delivers!

Our Team

Cake In A Box™ started it’s journey in July 2019. A husband and wife team (Andrew and Susan) and their two young children (who by the way, double up as taste testers on a regular basis!).

Since then, with the support of our customers, our team has grown and now Cake In A Box™ has more than 10 employees and an even bigger support team – woohoo!

The Cake In A Box™ team is Australian based and  prides itself on the quality of its products, the frequency, quality and timeliness of its communication and customer service and the reliability and integrity of its delivery service.

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